Amber's Story

Made With Love, From Me to You.

I’m Amber, a wellness enthusiast and mom of three young children. My ongoing journey towards a chemical-less life began with my first pregnancy when I started to become more conscious of what I put into my body as I didn’t want to harm my unborn child. Along with avoiding common foods that pregnant women should avoid (buh-bye sushi!), I also began to read deeply into the products that I was applying to my skin. 


It’s easy to forget that skin is the largest organ of our body. What we apply to our skin, will have an effect on what goes on inside our bodies. Harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors found in beauty and skincare products can have a devastating effect on our health. Here I was, avoiding harsh cleaning products so as not to harm my child, and yet I was still not paying attention to what I was feeding my skin! I started by replacing household chemicals with natural alternatives. The next step was replacing commercial soaps filled with chemicals with more natural ones. The next thing I did was that I started using natural ingredients to manage my daughter’s eczema. The more that I learned and researched, though, the more I realized that there was room to do more. I have since progressed to making my own line of bath and body products.


My philosophy at Amber De La Terre (Amber of the Earth) is to provide you and your family with a line of products that you can truly feel good about using. I work hard to research, formulate, test and create with love. All of my products are made of only the highest quality, natural ingredients without any artificial chemicals or preservatives. For this reason, you may find that the shelf life is less than what you’re used to with typical chemical-laden, store bought products. So buy less product, more frequently and share the joy of natural living with all your friends and family!




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